Where to put the wedding presents….

The first problem we had to tackle after we got back from OBX was where we were going to put all the presents!!! As some of you may know, our kitchen is about the size of a matchbox. It was definitely made for a little cook which is great for me (not so much for Greg) but leaves us with the problem of space.

Thankfully the years I spent playing Tetris has served me well in putting away most of our gifts. But then we were left with where to put things we use everyday. Enter DIY Blogs! I came across this picture and swooned :::true story:::


As soon as I saw this, Greg and I hatched a plan. We headed to Lowes and bought some paint and a pegboard. All pumped and excited to get our DIY-ing on, we realized the pegboard didn’t fit into my car. (whomp whomp)

After we got it cut to the dimensions we needed by a various nice sales associate and placed them in my car, we raced back home to beat the impending storm that was headed our direction. I’m not a patient a person, so I was trying to get the priming and first coat done while Greg put up the framing to attach the pegboard to the wall.

Priming Done!

Mother Nature on the other hand had different plans. So the painting party moved inside, which was not easy when an eager little puppy was trying to get her paws in the project. Literally.

Greg Framing (Or at least I think that’s what you call it)

Greg got the framing done in record time so all we had to do was wait for the paint to dry!

And the final product:

Custom Organization! Mama Likes!

Three weeks later and I still love how I’m not fumbling around and it’s making dinner a breeze. These are definitely staying when we eventually gut the kitchen.

Next post: Greg’s Man Cave update!


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