aside We survived Sandy! Pt. 1

Our first hurricane as a married couple was quite the adventure. Well It started really before we even realized Sandy was coming by for a visit.

Our lights had been flickering for a few weeks. I thought it was the ghost of a former tenant coming to haunt us for halloween. Greg, always the more logical one of us, though it might be our electrical box. And…..he was right.

The main breaker was sparking and things that should not be soft and melty (yes, I just made up a word) were. So thanks to our awesome electrician, we realized that we needed to order a new part for a system that was made in 1972. (insert sad face and expletive here).

However, as with most things old and quirky, you can never get it right the first time. The part we ordered arrived safe and sound and fit like a glove except…it didn’t come with the lugs needed to attach it. o_O So not only did we have to order and wait another few days for the lugs to come in Rappahannock Electric Guy couldn’t put our electricity back on! With that, we whipped out our leftover candles and lanterns from the last power outage and camped out. Thankfully, it wan’t too cold the next two nights.At this point, my ghost theory was looking like the better and less expensive option.

Greg and his headlight.

And this is the point where Sandy dropped by…

Right before she hit VA we were able to manipulate the electrical box so we can get power going to the main parts of the house. (Can we say Ghetto Fab?) But Greg didn’t want to risk me being without heat and water if he got called out to head out with the Emergency teams for VDOT to help clean up the coast. (AWWWW…..) So we camped out at Bob and Susan’s until Sandy passed. This created a perfect opportunity to help Susan set up her pinterest account! Yes, Susan will be pinning, DIYing and Crafting with the rest of us in no time.

Greg does not go anywhere with out his master tool catalog.

That was our adventure in a nutshell. Thanks to Poppa and Momma Roberts for hosting us. I’ll post another update on how everything is sizing up and the Sandy damage to our property.

Hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for the best holiday ever!


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