Our Big Plans for Little Wasson

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve moved in to “Little Wasson” and there have been some huge life events since then. Bringing two families together, sad & tearful goodbyes and getting to welcome Sadie into our little family. Needless to say some projects for our house have been put to the back burner. So we’ve decided that 2013 is our year to make those projects happen, once it stops being so cold.

First on our list is to finally finish up the loft/ Greg’s man cave. We’re almost on the home stretch with the floors nearing completion and the mini-hallway ready to be prepped for color! Greg’s cousin Andrew was the first brave person to spend the night upstairs a few weeks ago. I say brave because anyone willing to navigate the through Greg’s various tools strewn about in the dark deserves a medal.

Second is to paint the inside (Living Room/ Dining Room). My task this week is to find a color that will work for not only pretty much all the bottom floor but for upstairs as well. One thing I realized is that you can always change paint. I nearly drove Greg crazy at Lowe’s trying to decide what shade of blue we should paint the bedroom. I thought I had nailed it on the head when we left, feeling pretty good that my patience and research for all those weeks had paid off, only to freak out 2 hours later when we had painted a sample swatch and realize it was a completely different shade then I thought! ::: Cue Scarlett O’Hara Swoon::: Since that unfortunate incident I’ve realized that paint can always be changed and just because I love that shade now doesn’t mean I’ll be in love with in it 5 years.

And while we are on the topic of paint, our third major goal for the year is to paint the exterior of the house. We’ve decided for now to go ahead with barn red and white trim. For a while, we leaned towards a blue with white trim similar to the barn from Epsewasson.  Once the weather starts warming up, we’ll be having a painting party!

There are about a million small projects that need to be done and hopefully within the next few days I’ll be able to update you all on what we’ve been up to.

Lots of Love!


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