Battle of the Neutral Wall Colors

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend! We spent our glorious memorial day at Lowe’s. We spent most of the weekend catching up with friends since Greg and I have been hermits for the most of this last month. So considering we lollygagged most of the weekend, we decided to hit the ground running.

Our two projects for today were repainting our wagon wheel style light fixture and deciding on a paint color for the entire first floor. We decided to go neutral so that we could play with color, textures, and patterns elsewhere. As much as I would love to roll around in a tie-dye room, it was better that we grew up a little bit.

Valspar Balance, Valspar Sandstorm, Valspar Summer Breeze

Balance and Sandstorm were are original choices to pick from. But while we were standing around the counter Greg noticed Summer Breeze marked 50% off the sample. It was in the color range we were working with so we decide why the heck not?

Turns out Summer Breeze is now the front runner of our selections. Though it got hairy for a second when we both weren’t sure what color looked better and then this happened….

Way too many paint chips….

We have a second coat on the paints drying now and we’ll leave it up a few days so we can see it in the various lights of the day.

Our second project will be up sometime this week!

Let us know which ones you think would look good. =)


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