Deets on the Truck Camper

On Friday, Greg and I drove down to Richmond to look at a Truck camper I had seen on Craigslist earlier that week. I was anxious, we had been looking at campers since last October but knew we couldn’t afford a new one. After going to a RV convention in NOVa, we realized quickly that even with a basic truck camper model it was not going to fit into our budget. Despite that setback, we took notes on what we liked, what we didn’t want, and what we can live without.

So began our quest to find a camper not only within our budget but one that didn’t gross us out. After 6 months of browsing craigslist I didn’t find anything worth going to see that was remotely in our budget. Needless to say I was getting discouraged and was about to put the thought of owning a camper on the back burner while we focused on other projects when this little diamond in the rough popped up.


I was a little skeptical at first but it seemed promising. Greg contacted the seller who was great at answering all our questions considering we couldn’t make it down till the weekend.

But boy, those days in between were panic central. I began surfing the web looking up different camper renovations for ideas and things we should look out for when purchasing a used camper. After reading one forum I came across the two things that haunted my dreams all of last week: wood rot & mold. It got so bad one night that greg said “you just calm down and let me handle this.” ::::BOOM::::

We manged to talk the seller into a trade/cash situation which saved us $$$. (And by we I mean Greg). So with fingers crossed we drove down to see what was what.

We got there 30 mins later then we planned so we tried to look at as many things as possible while there was still daylight. The camper had been with the current seller for two years and he used it primarily as a hunting camper. The inside of the camper looked a little like this:


Hello 1970s! I’ll try to post more detailed photos later but for now I’ll do a small run down. To the left of the photo is the shower/tub combo (which will be gutted asap) followed by a cabinent then a closet. On the right is the dinette area which turns into another bed with storage on top which turns into another sleeping space but its so small I doubt we’ll use it for such. Then the kitchen complete with oven and sink. Followed by the bed which goes over the cab. What you might not see in the picture are the various woodland creature stickers and the buck inspired blinds. ( pictures to come I promise!)

You can’t tell from this picture but it is quite roomy in there. Nothing screamed “Run for your life!” So We loaded her up, jimmy rigged the lighting system to Taylor ( Greg’s truck; named after Taylor Swift) and tried not to sweat like a sinner in church that the camper didn’t fall off on the interstate.

Verdict: we made it home. The dogs were a bit suspicious of her but I’m sure with a little TLC we’ll be touring the U.S. …. Roberts Style. HOLLA!


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