Camper | Layouts & Goals

Over the past week, Greg and I have had the chance to settle on a few ideas we had floating around with the yet-to-be named camper. We’ve already began ripping down the wallpaper that was stapled to the roof and we ripped down the roof over the bed to make way for new insulation and roofing.

Here’s the “structural” layout for the camper.

Original LAyout
Original Layout

So you can see the original layout is not too shabby. Obviously the map is not to scale  but just a general idea of what we’re working with. It’s perfect for our little family of four(us two humans & fur babies) .  A lot of the changes we plan on doing in the last few weeks are cosmetic since we haven’t seen anything major that needs to be taken care of.

First set of changes
First set of changes

First set of Changes:

1. Insert new insulation and ceiling as well as adding two LED reading lights (Yellow Circles).

2. Insert LED Strip lights  (Red Lined) in the bed area, dinette area and storage area.

3. Re-upholster the dinette area

4. Replace Dinette table into a butcher block style table.

5. Insert new flooring to replace the 80s era flooring. with laminate wood flooring and paint everything!

6. Possibly gut bathroom

* We’ll also caulk and seal all the windows and cabinets/storage area as we go

We realize that we’ll probably come across things we hadn’t factored in but we’re keeping our fingers cross and hopefully a trip isn’t too far away.


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