OhEmGee Wood Pile!

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to, the truth is not much. Well, at least in terms of projects. September has been a hard month for the both of us. Between events, school, work, illness and church, we’ve barely been able to even spend time together. Thank goodness for texting.

During September, we had been focusing on squirreling enough dough away to install the woodstove and Greg has been diligently cutting wood every spare chance he gets in order for it all to have enough time to dry. I mean look at what he’s accomplished:

Yes, Greg chopped all that wood by himself while I cheered on from the sidelines and provided refreshments. Don’t get me wrong I tried to help chop wood but the ax would just bounce back. :::true story:::

And if you haven’t already noticed that Greg is quite the builder…check out the shed he built from scratch. Yes, that shed was built in a weekend and filled in no time.

I’ll try to get a list of materials together for those interested in what he used.

Why all this scramble before winter? Our power tends to poop out during storms. As beautiful as our neighborhood is the trees tend to knock out power lines quickly. Last year we were out several times and had to camp out with gracious family members. This year we’re hoping for not only no outages but to stick it out pioneer style.

I even have my laura ingles hair style down. I also may or may not own an amish prayer cap.

We’ve been working on some other fun projects so stay tuned!


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