Holy Update, Batman! Pt. 1

I think it’s time for an update don’t you?

It’s been an active two months over here at the Little Wasson. Between upgrades, work, school, and the occasional health scares, we’re very much looking forward to a Thanksgiving break.

There are a few updates that have happen over the past few weeks that we’re really excited to share!

Some of you have already seen on Greg’s FB the mantle he’s been working extra hard on. Well It’s been a long process to get that bad boy ready and mounted. We decided to put the mantle behind the wood stove because it was as close to a fireplace as we would get. Greg is not the biggest fan of them and I’m just a sucker for a mantle really so we figured this would be a happy compromise.

This is the before picture. (Side Note: This picture is from the realty website where we first saw our house. I didn’t get home in time for a before picture)


So the wood stove will be going on the left of this picture by the front door. Greg has wanted to rip the paneling down since Day 1 while I’ve grown kind of fond of it over the past year and change. I was hoping with a bit of paint it could still lend a bit of character.

However, I was denied and so we will eventually have drywall all around the first floor. The Loft area has already had drywall added so hopefully I can get an update going on that soon.


First order of business was to rip all the paneling and old insulation out form the wall. We found a little bit of mold but it was easily taken care of with some bleach. Greg also sprayed some Kilz spray primer we had leftover from my bench project in order to be sure no left over mold would get on our new insulation.

I wish I had taken a picture of the insulation that we took out. It pretty much screamed “I’ve been here since the 1970s!” A lot of the work was done by Greg while I was away from home so bear with me on the lack of pictures.

We put in on our new insulation and we went with a fire resistant drywall since a wood stove would be in front of it. Those boards were so heavy I could barely lift one which did leave me open for a lot of mocking by husband. Isn’t he sweet?

I did help with putting the drywall up so I wasn’t completely useless.


Now I’ve been told Greg is a chip off the ol’ block with his many handy skills. He also served as our electrician re-wiring the existing switches and plugs so they would be safe and not catch on fire (Knock on wood). In this picture, he’s working on another project I’ll share in another post.

That’s it for Part 1. of this update. Hopefully I can have Pt. 2 up and going as well as the Grand finale!! Wooooo!

Lots of Love,

Greg & Nat


One comment

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