Holy Update Batman! Pt. 2

Last you saw, Greg had put in the drywall and we’ve since slabbed on a whole bunch of mud and sanded that bad boy smooth.

The next step was paint. PAINT. I honestly never knew how much of a pain in the arse picking paint colors could be. At one point I almost had a meltdown at Lowes #truestory. Mainly for the reason that every single color I thought looked good at the store and in the sample container went to crap the moment it hit the wall…BAM heartbreak. We tried 8 different colors including the ones we asked your opinion on way back when. And, like all good renovation stories, out of the Lowes Heaven peaked out this color.

Valspar 6006-1C Ivory Brown
Valspar 6006-1C Ivory Brown

It’s an amazing color and I’m in love. It’s warm and cozy at night and slick and polished in the day; just like an awesome paint color should be. The color also works amazingly well with the warm wood tones we are throwing in the mix.

With the paint color debacle finally complete we moved on. The next project Greg worked on was the mantle. We knew we wanted to head into a more modern cabin feel and we threw around the idea of refurbishing an old mantle from Habitat for Humanity but it didn’t seem to fit the feel we were going for. So after spending a few days searching Google and Pinterest we decided that a free floating wood mantle wood be the best option. Before we even had time to discuss options of wood, my ever resourceful husband was able to salvage an old beam from a house that was being torn down. We cut it into the size we wanted and sanded it down so it would be smooth enough to touch/ pet without getting a splinter but still have a nice texture to it. Before we stained the wood, we went ahead and weathered it a little bit by beating some nicks into it. Talk about some free therapy right there.


Overall it took about two coats till we found the right color/ shade. Because the wood has a warm tone to it, we didn’t want the pain to have a red undertone as well which is why the paint color above is from the cool grays section (although it looks warm on the screen). One of my favorite parts of this mantle is the fact that I can say “My husband BUILT this!”


After everything was done drying, up the mantle went! We did add a satin protective gloss over it. And look how awesome that color is! 

Hopefully I can finish the progress we’ve made this week while I stuff my face.

Get your gobble on!


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