A Hipster Christmas at Little Wasson

A few days ago we put up our wee little tree to celebrate…


Ain’t she purdy? This year we had way more ornaments on the tree due to an amazing Goodwill find several weeks back. Someone had donated all there old ornaments and decorations to Goodwill who then proceeded to mark it for $4.00!!!! I threw myself on top of that Tupperware as if it had gold in it. Greg, of course, thought I was completely nuts and proceeded to tell me that this would be my last Christmas decorations purchase. Hey Greg, the Grinch called he wants his santa hat back.

This year we tried to make our own photo Christmas cards only to find that we actually haven’t had a non-instagram photo of us taken… all year. :::womp womp:::: So in an attempt to rally we thought we’d use the self timer. With what started as a great idea quickly came apart. This photo was the only one that looked half decent but was way too grainy…


And this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t throw in some Greg Outtakes


Stick around for a Part II of Christmas Tonight!


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