Truck Camper Update

Last you all saw of the camper were working on the Ceiling above the bed. 

Things we knocked out so far:

1. Ripped out the old ceiling above the bed and rip out old insulation.

2. Caulk/seal all the edges so nothing leaks in and cause mold.

3. Replace “insulation” 

4. Replace ceiling with Plywood.

And this is what we have thus far….


Next on the list:

  • Paint Walls
  • Put down new flooring
  • Replace Window coverings ( The bucks and bears are not as cute anymore)
  • Put in new mattress
  • Make new dinette table
  • Deal with Cushions
  • Figure out Fridge situations

It looks like a long list but it’s managable changes we can do over the next few weeks. On the upside, We were able to hook up the propane! Heat and stove are going strong which will definite keep us from getting cold/hungry. =)


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