Several weeks back, Greg decided that one of the two trees anchoring either side of the house had to go. He had several good reasons as to why they had to go.

1. We didn’t know how far the roots would go and could cause foundation problems.

2. The wood stove pipe would be close to the branches and could catch on fire

3. If storm were to hit, the chances of a large branch, or even the tree, falling onto our house was a pretty safe bet.

I will admit I’m not a fan of chopping down trees. Be it the hippie in me or my love for shade, I will always put up a fight when it comes to taking down a tree on our property.

This is the before picture:

Oh big tree how I will miss thee.
Oh big tree how I will miss thee.

You can tell in the picture how too close for comfort it is. Luckily, Greg was able to have some help from some friends who came by to knock ‘er down. I was relieved because I’m not a fan of Greg doing anything remotely dangerous without a “DANGER!” Buddy. If absolutely needs to something dangerous, we a phone system set up where he calls right whne he begins and checks in every 10 mins. If i don’t here from him via text/phone in 10 mins then I call and if there is no answer I call the police/EMT/Everybody within a 10 mile radius. So far it’s worked well and no scares!

Now back to the tree. After cutting her up we were left with…..

photo (13)

You can tell in the picture that she also took out part of the fence…whoops. But all in all it does make the yard seem a little bit bigger. We are even thinking of possibly expanding the deck to fill in that weird square area that’s missing. Also please ignore the hot mess that is currently occupying the bottom of the deck. I’m planning on making it a small patio area with storage in the spring so the ugliness won’t be permanent

Hope everyone’s Christmas was excellent!



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