72 hour Emergency prep

Not too long out I’ve started working on our food storage plans and making 72 hour emergency packs. Luckily this year we haven’t had major problems with ice/snow storms and summer storms. Normally, if there is bad weather we’ll lose power for a few hours or days depending on how many tree are down. Since the weather is planning doing some crazy things over the next few days I thought I’d share our “preparedness” stuff that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now.

But first a little back story…..

Summer of 2012 during “El Derecho” we were out of power for a week and had no backup in terms of water, food, and light. It wasn’t horribly bad as it was the summer we were both at work for most of it, Sadie stayed hydrated and cool in the house, and we grilled outside. You think we’d learn our lesson right? Wrong.

This past winter we were hit again with a power outage; this time it was cold and we had no source of heat. I was stuck at the house and couldn’t leave because over driveway was just ice. As tempting as it was, I was not about to attempt a Tokyo drift situation and wreck my car. Sadie and I huddled under all the blankets I could find for several hours until the ice melted enough for me to turn around and go a family member’s house nearby. I’ve never felt more vulnerable in my life and to top it all off watching my fur baby look at me with her big ol’ eyes made me determined to never be unprepared again! (Cue symphonic music now…)

The first order of business was putting in the wood stove.

Next on the list was Food Storage and Preparation
This one required A LOT of research in terms of what would be realistic. Lucky for us, we were gifted an enamel cast iron casserole dish which I think is the number one thing to have if you plan on cooking on the wood stove. I then found a cast iron skillet at Marshall’s for $12.99. With these two cooking weapons, you’re pretty much set for at least a week if need be.

Using the information and tips I got from other bloggers, family and friends, I put together a 72 hour pack to be used for when our power goes out. I’ll make another post about our 72 hour Emergency evacuation backpacks soon. I’m just starting to put those together.

For our 72 hour Stay-home Emergency kit includes:

1. Water

  • 5 gallon container with manual pump
  • (1) 24 bottle case of water
  • (6) gallon jugs for bathroom usage
  • (1) 40-ish gallon container/rain barrel for

2. Food

  • (1) 8 pk Ramen
  • (8-10) Pouches of Trail mix*
  • (1) 5 lb bag of potatoes
  • 3 lbs of Sweet potatoes
  • Rice
  • Cans of Red Beans and Black beans
  • Various boxed snacks
  • (1) pack of hot dogs


  • One Crank flashlight/radio that can also charge our phones
  • (2) Paraffin Oil lamps
  • (3) LED powered Flashlights

* I suggest making your own trail mix with products you like because Already packaged ones tend to be high in Salt and cause you to feel like total crap after one pouch :::true story:::

It seems like a lot for two people but I like to be prepared because our power does tend to be out longer than most neighborhoods. I didn’t include Pets on this list but always make sure you stock up on extra dog food and stash water away. We always rotate our water every 4-6 weeks and we store it our pantry which is nice and cool.

I’m working on tweaking and this all based on looking at what can cook with the wood stove and what we eat realistically (there is no point buying stuff you don’t eat just because it keeps well)

If you guys have questions just leave a comment and I’ll answer the best I can!


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