Truck Camper Inspiration

With school starting this week and my new pt job,  things are going to be moving a little slow for a few weeks till Greg and I figure out a schedule for home improvements and truck camper stuff. It also doesn’t help that Greg has been working longer days with all this ice that’s been in VA these past few weeks. Although projects have been moving slowly on the camper, we’ve officially booked our first trip to a rally in the spring so we are super pumped. Hopefully, this will give us a boost to get things done soon.

I’m hoping to get that bad boy sanded and painted in the next two weeks if it kills me. If it isn’t done by the end of January, I give you all permission to take away Downton Abbey from me until it’s done. (Side note: this past episode…ohemgee)

For now, here’s what I’ve pulled together for the inspiration board.

Truck Camper Inspiration Board

  1. I’m really in love with the natural wood tones in this vintage motor home rehab and the light walls. It’s airy and relaxing but not frilly. My only problem is that considering we’re going to be camping really light or white walls would not be the best. (Source:
  2. This camper is probably what we’ll be leaning towards in terms of wood stains. Maybe even a little darker. Nice and simple decor. (Source:
  3. I really, really like this design because of how sleek and modern it is. If you have been to an RV show you know that this design is usually all upgrades or a custom order. (Source:
  4. This is probably my favorite out of all them mainly because of the wallpaper. I’ve been tossing the idea around to possibly wallpaper the cab/bed area with a vintage map design but haven’t found anything yet that I like.  (Source:
  5. This was a great camper that was featured in Apartment Therapy. Again, you have the awesome graphic wallpaper going on and a fun pop of color. A little too feminine for our camper but still pretty good. (Source:

Those are our Top 5 design ideas for the truck camper. Now you tell us which one has you ready to pack your bags?!


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