That one Sunday where I went crazy….

Greg and I have a way of labeling funny events as “The Christmas Incident of 2012”  and this may just go down as “The kitchen Incident of 2014”. It all started on Friday night….

After a rough winter of failed DIY attempts and massive amounts of obligations  and being an adult (Honestly, who came up with that idea?), I had come to the realization that my cabin fever was starting to boil over. I stood in the kitchen looking around at our cabinets and all the gadgets we’ve accumulated, thinking that something drastic needs to happen. 

Saturday morning I woke up and stood in the kitchen again and stared trying to figure things out.  I sat down and tried to sketch things out but I wasn’t getting anywhere. It was also probably not helping that Greg was yelling “DRAW TO SCALE!” about every 5 minutes. Honestly, does he not know that no math will happen before I’ve had a caffeinated drink coursing through my veins? I mean really now.

Our Kitchen before we moved in
Our Kitchen before we moved in

I knew the one thing I would not budge on is white subway tile for the back splash. Everything else I was open to adjusting but not the tile! By the end of Saturday night we had somewhat of a game plan with the help of a few friends who came over for some grub.

So Sunday morning we woke up and started taking things down. Let me be clear, at this point we had no definite decisions made on materials except flooring and back splash, we have no budget (except keep everything as cheap as possible), and we had no idea where all the electrical work was (more on that in a second.) CAUTION: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS

So it begins....
So it begins….

So we started by taking out the trim and then Greg spent the next two hours trying to figure out the electrical work, which looked mostly like this….


After a few hours of praying we didn’t electrocute each other we were able to  locate wires and turn everything off.  So we started taking down paneling and praying to the Renovation Gods that nothing creepy or gross was hiding behind the walls. Fortunately, we were in the clear and even the 30 year old insulation was still in pretty good condition.



I will say that there is something extremely cathartic about ripping walls down and it felt good to release all the pent of energy of a long winter into something constructive.  Since we are opening up the kitchen for more light more room, I think more foodie parties will be happening.

IMG_2963 All the fake tile sheet thing is on its way down and will be replaced with the real thing. We are also boxing in the little window that you see above.  Since we have some rearranging to do in the living room it made more sense to box it in now while we are taking things down. I mean why not. We are not in a major rush to get new appliances since it’s just the two of us and I feel spring will be here which means one thing: GRILLING.

On a lighter note, if you can guess what Greg’s cooking for dinner in the photo above you might just win some homemade bread from moi! Hint: It’s his specialty.


Sorry about the iPhone pics but in the midst of all the tearing things down hulk style I forgot to charge the camera battery. :::derp:: On a better note, the ceiling is going to get a change too though I’m not sure what exactly. Time will tell I guess.

Thankfully, I have a husband who’s willing to do some crazy things just because.

It’s time to stop planning and just do it already.


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