There is no going back now!

We have reached the point of no return and things just got real at Little Wasson.

Greg has been awesome and been doing most of the demo and electrical work while I was on school things these past two days.  On Wednesday, we were at this point:

Gut Job (Kind of)

>>We’ve removed that pain in the arse faux tile sheet that’s graced these walls for almost 42 years. they’ve had a good run but it’s time we brought the kitchen back in to 2014. While ripping the sheet down from one wall, Greg found radio stations the contractors listened to while they built the house which was pretty clue. I wasn’t around for pictures but I’m glad Greg got this shot for posterity.

Hidden gems of renovations

>> Then out came the red countertops.  I have mixed emotions about them. I loved how they evoked the 50’s housewife kitchen along with our sink and cherry wallpaper but at the same time I always felt that it was somebody else’s kitchen and not ours. Almost like crashing at grandma’s house everyday minus the amazing breakfast I would see TV grandma’s cook. Although I do always have cookie dough at the ready for spontaneous cookie baking. (Don’t judge…)




>> With the drywall down, Greg was able to install the box for the second outdoor lights we’ll be putting in.  He’s still in the process of moving around the wiring so we can put our microwave on a shelf and off the counters and the switches will be against the wall


Now I had the awesome job of figuring out counter tops so I took my small self over to Lowes where I was going to scout out their selection since the website wasn’t the most helpful.  The two options I was looking for were Solid Surface like Formica and Quartz. Obviously, Quartz would be on the higher end of our budget but since we need a small amount I thought maybe it wouldn’t be such a far off option.

After about 15 mins, the sales guy finally came  over to ask if I needed any help. I explained what we were doing and told him which samples I liked and gave him the measurements. Something told me that I should have asked for the sales woman we saw over the weekend because the sales guy proceeded to talk to me like I was a complete idiot.  Honestly, what is about men in the south that they assume women have no idea what they are doing in a home improvement store?! To top it all off, he essentially told me that I would need to order a minimum of $1000 worth of counter top if I wanted to order through them. I thanked him for his time and told him no dice.

Don’t get me wrong some material is worth the money to spend on but frankly most things are mainly for aesthetics. I’m determined to find an affordable, durable and pretty awesome alternative counter tops.

If anybody has any ideas they want to throw out there or want to buy us white quartz counters feel free. =)



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