DIY Faux Ceramic Bed Lamp

(The kitchen update will be on the blog tomorrow so come back and check it out!)

At the request of a friend who asked that I post a tutorial for this really quick project I did several months backs, here is my luxury on a budget fix for my Bed lamp.

I’m pretty sure almost all of you have seen this lamp on my Instagram feed do to the fact that this might just be my favorite DIY project. I had been eyeing ceramic and porcelain lamp bases for months but they were just to expensive to justify purchasing. I was looking for things like these lamps from pottery barn.

Pottery Barn

These lamps run a little over $100. That’s about 3 weeks worth of groceries for us and frankly I like food more then I like lamps.

On a trip to Lowes one day I strolled over to the lamp area and found a plastic silver base that was on Clearance for $5. On a whim I grabbed the base and walked over to the spray paint area to see If I could find a color that would make it work.


I knew I wanted something neutral in color because our walls are deep blue and our color scheme has white, taupe, and warm wood tones in our bedroom. For this project I used Valspar spray paint for plastics. I opted out of priming it out of sheer laziness but if you prefer primer, go for it.


Before spraying, I wiped the lamp with a damp cloth to get rid of any finger prints and dirt. then I taped the top and the wire. Once that was all done, I sprayed base doing long strokes from top to bottom first for the first coat. For the second coat I went left to right and for the third coat I did spot treatments.


You could have theoretically been able to do it all in two coats (depending on your base) but because of the ridging I went with very light sprays to avoid any build up  which would have screamed DIY.  The color itself is not very shiny which makes it more believable that it’s ceramic and not plastic. I brought it  inside after it aired out for a few hours and let it sit for 24 hours just to be on the safe side.

And here she is in all her instagram glory…

DIY Lamp

Ain’t she pretty? The phone and books were both thrift store finds and the lamp shade was on clearance at target for about $10.  All in all, for less then $20 I was able to get the look I was going for without breaking the bank.  I’ll file this under #winning.


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