Why we’re choosing a lifestyle of simplicity and DIY…

I came across this article from Truck Camper Magazine that pretty much sums up how we’ve been approaching our lives lately.

“We had been sold a lifestyle that’s no longer a reality for most people. Previous generations of Americans enjoyed things like forty years at the same job, enough wages to support a family, pensions, and the ability to work your way up the ladder with experience, not just a degree. Today, experience doesn’t count, healthcare and education are unaffordable, Social Security isn’t a sure thing, and your retirement, if you’re able to contribute to one, is a 401K. You get the daily thrill of watching Wall Street gamble with your nest egg, even as it goes to Washington for bailouts. I spent many a night imagining our probable future; long hours of work, no company pension for years of labor, and just a house full of stuff in a declining neighborhood. This is not how I wanted to remember my life when I grew old. Even though we’d done everything right, we weren’t secure or happy. With no guarantee of a pot of bronze, and much less gold at the end of the rainbow, something was going to change. With all the benefits that make settling down worthwhile gone, there was nothing holding us back from considering more radical options for how we’d live our lives.”

Although Greg and I don’t plan going Full-time in the near future, we are taking stock of what we really need and what’s important. Our world is changing so drastically every day that it’s often difficult to plan long-term and, as we all know, even the best laid out plans can go wrong.

As we’re winding down 2014, really take a look at your life. Are you happy? What dreams have you always wanted to accomplish? How hard have you honestly worked on that bucket list?

We’ve decided to make a 5 year goal to be completely debt free. After all, even the bible says “The borrower is slave to the lender.” (Proverbs 22:7). Now whether you believe in the bible or not you have to admit even thousands of years ago, our ancestors knew it was a bad idea to take out large sums of money.  It’s not about sticking it to the man or being a bunch of hippies. It’s about becoming financially responsible, growing up, and learning how to be grateful with you have in the present moment.


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