The Truth About Renovations

Have you ever looked at HGTV or DIY Network Shows and go ” We can totally do that!”? I am guilty of this. All.The.Time.

When we first started the kitchen remodel I told myself it would take a month and I could totally work around that. Since warmer weather was coming I figured if it even extended longer I could use the grill to cook dinners. Well, it’s September and I’m still staring at this….

photo 1 (4)

So last night when I came through the door and I looked at this again for the millionth time… I crumbled.  I full on did the Kim Kardashian Ugly cry. (:::true story:::)

Just for clarification, nothing major really happened to derail the whole project.  Life just happened. Between work, family time and other projects things just kept being put on the back burner. When you (collective unit) are doing all the work without professionals and trying to use as much recycled material as possible things are going to take a VERY LONG time to come together. I think I had reach the burn out point where I couldn’t take one more unfinished project or one more DIY project. As I sat there pity party for one, screaming that I want all of it finished already. Greg said something that hit me: That’s not a homesteader’s attitude.

When you’re a homesteader functionality trumps aesthetics every time. Yes, that wall looks ugly but it now has new insulation which will keep our family warm during the winter. Yes, I’ll have to choose the more affordable LED lights over the pretty LED lights if we want to save money and our budget.

Everything has a season and one day my kitchen won’t have drywall dust in every single crevice. So if you’re anything like me, Go ahead and have your ugly cry but then grab yourself up by the boot straps and get it done.


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