How a little Ikea Counter top became the happy medium

As I play catch up with all the details of the renovation, I noticed I had yet to write about one of my favorite things in the new kitchen: The Counter Top!

When we originally put up the shelves we placed a piece of MDF board down as a place holder because I was determined to find a counter top that I was in love with and not settle for laminate!I’m not a 100% sure if it’s ok to do that but I figured since I always use a cutting board and never actually put food on the counter top we would be fine till we got something permanent in.

MDF counter top

I was hoping that by some miracle of God I would be able to find a piece of granite somewhere within our price range since we really didn’t need a lot of material. There is less counter space now then before and to be perfectly honest I haven’t noticed a big difference. I also cook in a way that I don’t need a lot of space…Greg on the other hand is like a tornado that uses every bowl and pan we have in the kitchen. I guess that’s the sign of a great chef?

We looked for several weeks, trolling Craig’s list, Habitat for Humanity,  and calling local place every week to see if they had some left over slabs we could purchase at a lower rate but alas we had nada.

I even went into Lowes to see what my options were and unfortunately they required a minimum (Which was at least $1k) and the sales person was not very friendly/helpful. I did warn him that I was very new to the whole counter top thing and the face he put when I said that you could have sworn I just slapped his mother. Funny thing was when Greg accompanied me on a later trip said Salesperson was as pleasant as can be and only spoke with Greg. Maybe someone needs to remind Older Southern men it’s 2014 and not 1954.

So with local options out, we looked to the North Star of Home remodeling and debt creator: Ikea. (Seriously, if anyone can walk out of there without spending an obscene amount of money please tell me your secret!)Even though I was determined to not go with laminate, my feelings changed when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest. Ikea had  this white stone effect countertop that I really liked and with a few minor adjustments I could have something pretty nifty for just under $120.

Once we got the counter top home, we decided not to add anything extra to it like the tutorial had done so we went ahead and applied the Envirotex Lite just as the directions said to.

Word of Advice: DO NOT attempt this project outside during the summer. The number of gnats and bugs we had to quickly get out before it hardened was ridiculous. This did take us a few days and we let it dry inside our house but once it was finished… Oh my heart…

photo 1 (7)

Oh my heart… You can see the sheen the Envirotex adds which would not have been there with laminate. Honestly, who doesn’t love something bright and shiny! (Can I get an Amen, Ladies?) I may or may not have spent several days petting it.

Here is a detail shot:

photo 2 (8)


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