Kitchen Floor: Lay it on me now

Remember way back when our kitchen floor resembled something that would have fit perfectly on The Donna Reed Show? Here’s a refresher in case you forgot:

kitchen-Halfway there
Halfway there!

When we were discussing floor options we knew anything fancy like getting hardwood to match the existing floor in the rest of the house or tile would be out of the questions only because our budget didn’t have room for it. So we looked at options we could live with for a few years until we can add something more permanent. Our options where vinyl  and maybe cork flooring if we could afford it. The saving grace about the kitchen remodel has been the size. Because it isn’t particularly huge, we don’t need as much material which in turn saves us more money!

We went to Lowes and looked at the options they had. At first, I wanted the vinyl flooring the resembled wood planks like this one but it was slightly out of our price range. However, we are going to use that option in the camper since it’s such a small area to cover.

My absolute number one requirement was that the floor be a darker color. Although I love lighter colored floors, my sanity could not withstand the paw prints and foot prints from Greg’s boots on the floor. I would have to scrub down the floor every single day. With a darker floor, I can sweep every night and spot clean and just have one big cleaning on the weekends.

We came across this rust colored vinyl tile and I immeditaely was a fan. It took three boxes of tiles to get the job done. We did have some hiccups  so make sure if you plan on doing a similar project to factor in mistakes.

photo 2 (9)

Doesn’t look too shabby if I do say so myself. The picture does make it seem a little on yellow side but if you look at the tile in real life it definitely looks more chocolate brown.

The kitchen is one step closer to being done!


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