Light at the end of the tunnel: Truck Camper update

It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in with you guys. So I thought I’d catch us all up on how the truck camper is progressing. We are almost at the finish line and I plan on wrapping up this week so we can do a small overnight trip somewhere in December.

If you remember here was what the camper looked like when we bought it…

IMG_2738Now this is where we are now…

Camper after paintLook how much more light there is in the camper! I personally love the contrast between the white walls and the cabinets. The paint was a color we found in the “Oops” section of Lowes. The entire gallon cost us $5 plus the cost of a gallon of primer. I waited several weeks before I found color in the clearance section that was close to what I was looking for. Being flexible in the choice of color helped keep cost low. (Quick tip: Check out you’re local habitat store for even better deals on paint, primer and tools)

IMG_0260The sleeping area above the cab got new insulation and will be getting new trim this week. The hole right there to the left is where the fridge will be. We are going to use a regular dorm fridge for now until we can find a camper fridge on Craigslist that will work for us. The bed will be going in this week (Hopefully if the weather cooperates). One tip that I have read on multiple blogs is to put these foam mats underneath the mattress to provide more cushion.


The “new” dinette table just needs to be sealed and have the bottom screwed in and she’ll be good to go! We are using the original cushions that came with the camper until we can afford to have custom ones made or I learn how to sew.

If you have any suggestions on Truck Camper hacks, leave them in the comments below!


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